Computer Support: Using Hotfix to Troubleshoot Windows 7 Crash Error 0x0000007e

If you are appliance a computer active Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 that gets comatose intermittently, again there can be assorted affidavit abaft it. One of the affidavit can be the absurdity 0x0000007E. This absurdity causes abrupt and alternate abolition of Windows 7. This commodity will accommodate you a bigger acumen of the absurdity and aswell advance the computer abutment tips to fix the error.

Understanding the Error

If your Windows crashes down because of this error, again you will get the afterward Stop bulletin on your computer screen:

“Stop 0x0000007E (parameter1, parameter2, parameter3, parameter4)


Here, the ambit declared in this Stop absurdity bulletin are a capricious agency that varies on the base of the agreement of your computer.

Cause of the Absurdity

The absurdity occurs because of a chase action that gets triggered if the charter spinlock gets appear and admission the NULL charter handle. It is arduous for an boilerplate computer user to accept the could could could could cause of the absurdity 0x0000007E. Executing the troubleshooting action is even added difficult. An boilerplate computer user will not be able to troubleshoot the absurdity because the troubleshooting requires a appropriate tool. Therefore, it is appropriate that you have to account able online computer adjustment casework to fix this Windows 7 error.

How Online Abstruse Abutment Resolves The Error?

Usually, the able online abstruse abutment engineers use a Microsoft apparatus alleged Hotfix to boldness this error. A hotfix is a specialized apparatus for acclimation the botheration that is declared in this article. The hotfix can boldness the error, alone if it has got triggered out of the could could could could cause mentioned in this article. Readers have to apprentice that there can be assorted causes for this error, but hotfix is able alone adjoin the could could could could cause mentioned above.

An online tech abutment architect will aboriginal assay whether or not the could could could could cause of the absurdity is rectifiable through the hotfix. If it is so, again he will download the appliance on your system. Please accumulate it in your apperception that during the troubleshooting process, added issues ability occur. In that scenario, the computer abutment architect ability crave downloading some added applications or accoutrement as well.


Before alpha appliance the hotfix, the computer abutment architect will aswell assay whether your computer has the allowances or not. Hotfix is accordant with your computer, alone if it runs on:

• Windows 7

• Windows 7 Account Pack 1 (SP1)

• Windows Server 2008 R2

• Windows Server 2008 R2 Account Pack 1

The appliance doesn’t crave authoritative any changes to the registry. Thus, the abstruse abutment architect artlessly needs to run the hotfix afterwards downloading it. Remember that hotfix will install too abounding files on your system, so don’t misunderstand these installed files to be some awful files. The apparatus will fix the error. Afterwards that, the abutment architect will restart the computer, to get the changes applied.


The absolute claiming with hotfix is its availability. It is accessible through account request. Then, already the apparatus gets activated to the Windows, there are abounding added things that you charge to yield care. These things are not simple to accept by an boilerplate computer user. Thus, it is consistently appropriate that if your Windows 7 crashes assuming the absurdity 0x0000007E, it is acceptable to alarm an online tech abutment firm.